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Cook Islands
Capital: Rarotonga

Population: 14,974 (2011 resident)

GDP: NZ$366 million (2011)
Capital: Tarawa

Population: 107,000 (2012 est.)

GDP: US$175 million (2012 est.)
Marshall Islands
Capital: Majuro

Population: 53,158 (2011 est.)

GDP: US$173.7 million (2011)
Federated States of Micronesia
Capital: Palikir (Pohnpei Island)

Population: 108,105 (2007 est.)

GDP: US$238.1 million (2008 est.)
Capital: Government offices in Yaren District

Population: 10,085 (2011 est.)

GDP: AUD$ 71.984 million (2010)
Capital: Alofi

Population: 1625 (2006 census)

GDP: NZ$25.5 million (2009)
Capital: Melekeok

Population: 18,000 (2012)

GDP: US$234 million (2012 est.)
Papua New Guinea
Capital: Port Moresby

Population: 6.8 million (2012)

GDP: US$ 15.1 billion (2012 est.)
Capital: Apia

Population: 187,820 (2011 census)

GDP: SAT$1.562 billion
Solomon Islands
Capital: Honiara

Population: 540,000 (2011 estimate)

GDP: US$997 million (2012 est.)
Capital: Nuku'alofa

Population: 101,134 (2006 census)

GDP: US$400 million (2011 est.)
Capital: Funafuti

Population: 9,847 (2012 est.)

GDP: US$36 million (2012)
Capital: Port Vila

Population: 262,045 (2013 est.)

GDP: US$743 million (2012 est.)
Capital: Port Vila

Population: 262,045 (2013 est.)

GDP: US$743 million (2012 est.)
Capital: Suva

Population:880,000 (2013)

GDP: US$3.855 Billion (2013 est.)

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