The Forum Island Countries (FICs) are marginalised in the global economy. Their share in world trade is less than 0.05 per cent. They face a number of unique challenges, including the small sizes of their economies resulting in the lack of economies of scale, and geographical isolation from major markets contributing to the high cost of doing business and also deterring foreign investors from investing in their economies. Notwithstanding these challenges, the FICs are determined to reverse their marginalisation in the global economy through increased participation in international trade. They see PACER Plus as providing them with a unique opportunity to deepen their trade, investment and economic relations with Australia and New Zealand and in the process participate actively in regional and global value chains which now dominate international trade. The PACER Plus Parties are determined to negotiate a forward-looking trade and development agreement that would be responsive to the challenges faced by the FICs in participating actively in the multilateral trading system. The Office of the Chief Trade Adviser, which was established in March 2010, is dedicated to supporting the FICs in their negotiations with Australia and New Zealand, so that the Parties can come up with a dynamic agreement that will fulfill the expectations of Forum Leaders and the Pacific people.