Dr Collin Zhuawu – Economic Adviser (Trade)

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Dr Collin Zhuawu joined the OCTA in March 2015 as an Economic Adviser (Trade).  Prior to joining the OCTA, Collin worked as an Independent Consultant on trade and development issues while also working on issues of trade policy research and analysis at the International Trade and Regional Cooperation Section in the Commonwealth Secretariat.  He has also been involved in WTO negotiations and negotiations between Africa, the Caribbean and Pacific countries and the EU as an official for the Zimbabwe Ministry of Industry and International Trade.  Collin previously taught at the University of Zimbabwe and Warwick University.  Featuring prominently in his various professional assignments have been several multi-country and country-specific research projects, many of which have been published.  Collin holds a PhD in Political Science and International Studies from the University of Birmingham, United Kingdom.